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What We Do

EcoSound specializes in the design, engineering and construction of prefabricated, modular buildings. Whether it is an operator cab, a control room or in-plant offices, our buildings are built in conformity with the strictest noise-control and air-quality standards.

Construction from galvanized steel with polyester baked paint gives a finish of exceptional quality, as well as making materials easy to maintain and extremely durable. Depending on the complexity of your project, EcoSound can deliver either a pre-assembled or a modular building, in which case installation can be done by your own staff with the aid of a supervisor, or in its entirety by our own team.

The types of products we manufacture include clean rooms, laboratory rooms, cabins, control rooms, office workstations, acoustic enclosures, electric control rooms, acoustic enclosures, acoustic barriers,  modular and monocoque absorbant panels and acoustic doors.

Clean Rooms

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Using the same principles of modular construction, EcoSound is able to offer clean rooms of premium quality
for the agro-food, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, and electronics industries, etc.


  • Classes 1000 to 100 000
  • Standard or sliding doors
  • Security double-door entry system
  • Complete ventilation system
  • Climate-controlled
  • Lighting system
  • Sanitation facilities (sink)

Machine Enclosures

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Using our modular panel system, we enclose machinery to ensure noise reduction is achieved. As for all our buildings, humidity, temperature, and dust control are guaranteed by our premier quality air-conditioning and venting systems.


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Our workstations are fully customizable and designed to accommodate any of our client’s needs. We install washrooms, desks, shelving and much more.

Who We Are

Although recently founded in 2015, EcoSound combines over 20 years of module design and production experience from Louison Cossette with sheet metal fabrication expertise from ISE Metal to form EcoSound; a turn-key solution for customized module solutions.

With an industrial focus on machine enclosures, clean rooms and workstations, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and achieve their goals in a cost efficient manner.

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We serve companies internationally on a wide range of projects.

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